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Hi, I’m Jonathan Schwartz. I have more than a decade of experience helping older adults in the San Diego area solve some of the dilemmas that inevitably come with aging. Partner in Aging is exactly that: a partner providing services strategically tailored to the needs of aging adults like you.

My interest in the field of senior care began when my grandfather, at age 80, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My grandparents were fortunate to have the financial resources and family support needed to effectively manage the disease and anticipate my grandfather’s needs. Over time, it became more difficult for my family to ensure we were providing adequate care for him. During this time I began to consider how complex helping an aging family member, specifically with dementia, must be for people who don’t have available information, financial resources, and support.

I have therefore dedicated myself to working in the field of aging. I received a master’s degree from USC in Aging Services Management and I have worked for over ten years in the field of senior management and in home support for the elderly.

If I can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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